50% Off Hunter Boots

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Have you been wanting a pair of Hunter boots but they're too expensive?  Well here's your chance to buy them for under $80.  That's 50% off!!!  Find the deal here, here, and here.

Untitled #7

Untitled #7

Glossy shoes
$20 - hunterboots.com

Hunter polishing boots
$130 - hunterboots.com

Polishing boots
$95 - hunterboots.com

Clearance Shopping Haul: Can You Guess How Little I Spent?

Shopping in the clearance section is a hit or miss for me.  There's not that many items in my size or if I do find an item there is something wrong with it.  I sometimes find stains, rips, or missing buttons on what could be cute items.  On the other hand I do discover great finds.  Sometimes being patient and checking the clearance section pays off. 

I found this black sheer top at Marshalls for $8.  It looks really cute with a cami underneath.

You may find great out of season items in the clearance section.  I found this at TJ Maxx when I wasn't even looking for fall or winter wear.  It was only $15.   Originally the top was $29.99.   I couldn't resist but to buy it and save it for fall.

I have never owned a pair of True Religion Jeans.  The reason why is because they are so expensive!  I don't want to pay over $150 for a pair at the True Religion Jeans Store.  At TJ Maxx, it was originally $69.99 but it was on clearance for $39.  Score!!!

I wasn't too sure about this skirt when I first saw it since I'm only a little over 5 ft.  I wasn't sure if the skirt will be at an odd length.  To my surprise  it fit me perfectly.  The skirt was on clearance for $7 at TJ Maxx.  

It was a good Tj Maxx and Marshalls clearance haul.  I was so excited that everything fit and the best part is that I saved so much money.  It was awesome!
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